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DUPLICATE Crystal Pathway, LLC. 

Manitowoc, WI


i'm trying really really hard to be ok with something other than a Quartz for this center piece... but I'm having difficulty... How does this one look????  

direct to fb for aura - 

Quartz cluster




Gift Shop | Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Experience the world of crystals for balancing mind, body and spirit.

Ocean Jasper
Store shelf
Tumbled stones
Red Tourmaline
Assorted Spheres
White Rainbow Moonstone
Polished Points

Note on the order of pictures and why I did what I did..

It looks like a person will see three pictures at a time, so I tried to put a picture of more of the store, and then on either side is a close up picture of bigger pieces or jewelry.  I can't see what this looks like in rotation until we put it on the "real" page.  But that is my hope.  To give the eye a chance to see a bigger aspect of the store and then some of the bigger pieces. 


It is possible that the picture down below may need to be changed it is too much... 



I know some of the pictures will need to be cropped .. just not sure if I should do that or not.. will wait to hear from you..


Crystals for Love


Pink Calcite - for your heart

Rhodochrosite - for love and balance

Rhodonite - understanding relationships

Rose Quartz - unconditional love

Selenite - pure white light

Anniversary Sale

20% off Crystals and Jewelry*

Friday - October 25th


Saturday - October 26th

Free Gift with purchase of $100 or more

A gift with each purchase as a thank you to 

all my customers, friends and family who

have made this another successful year!  

*Sale excludes - consignment items, layaway,

previous purchase, gift cards, and special offers.  

This offer is valid in person and only on October 25th and 26th, 2019

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