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Aura Imaging & Analysis

Take a personal journey of discovery to see your Aura and your Energy System using the Inneractive Aura Imaging System. 

When you place your hand on the bio-sensor, your aura and energy systems are displayed using several different graphs and images. Your session is recorded, and in real time. 

Package A

Aura Imaging, Your Personality, Chakras and Energy

On Package A, we go over your recording, explaining each of the different graph meanings and what the images mean to you. During this session, we review the energy you are bringing into your field, what is leaving, what surrounds you, and your main personality type.

You will then receive an email report which includes:

A full 13 page report detailing your chakras, aura power, emotions, energy levels, stress levels, and your mind, body and spirit energies. Additional information about the colors in your aura and what they mean to you based on where in your field they are located. The report continues with more detailed information about your main color personality’s qualities and characteristics. This includes how your mind/body thinks, what type of social life you enjoy, how you relate to the other color personalities, your career and finances, and your health, well-being and growth.



Package B

Coming Soon!

Package C

Aura Imaging, Face Image

Are you interested in just seeing what your Aura looks like? That's easy! This package is simply a session where we only review the colors of your Aura.

You will then receive an email report which includes:

Aura Image – Face

Your Main Personality Color Summary (copy given during the session)  

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